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At Finding Grace Counseling, I use a holistic approach to therapy for my clients. With this approach, you’re treated as a whole person: mind, body, and spirit. Rather than looking at one piece of the puzzle, we’ll find and treat the root cause. 

I do this with one-on-one therapy, providing treatment tailored to your specific needs. Here you’ll find support to resolve any hardships or obstacles in your path and guidance towards the life you desire. 

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Designed to help resolve unhealthy family patterns that contribute to behavioral disorders or mental illnesses. The goal is to break those habits to become a closer family unit.

Family counseling

In this type of therapy, I’ll help you to recognize and identify negative behavioral patterns. Then we’ll explore how those thoughts and emotions affect your actions. 

Cognitive Behavioral
therapy (CBT)

A type of therapy that helps children naturally express their feelings and struggles during play. A gentle yet effective way to improve communication and resolve internal conflicts. 

Play Therapy

Session Types

Aims to discover skills and coping strategies to better respond to emotions associated with a traumatic life event. Here I’ll help you to reestablish personal control and power, so you can view it as an event, not something that defines who you are.

Trauma-Focused Therapy

This type of counseling specifically incorporates spirituality with biblical truth. Combining faith with the principles of psychology, we’ll uncover God’s will for your life. 

christian Counseling

What do we address together?

✔  Abuse
✔  Trauma
✔  Depression
✔  Stress & Anxiety
✔  Behavioral Issues

✔ Personality Issues
✔ Relationships
✔ Parenting
✔ Boundaries

how to move forward...

I know things feel dark right now, and the weight feels as if it’s suffocating you. Have hope! Together, we’ll shine a light on those dark areas. In this first step, we’ll work on revealing deep subconscious beliefs, patterns, or trauma that’s weighing on you. I’ll be right by your side. Whatever feels too heavy, we’ll carry it together. 

Once we identify your struggles, we can move into the next step. Here I’ll provide you/your child with the tools and accountability to tackle the issues we’ve uncovered head-on. 

When you feel safe and ready to take the next step, we’ll start working through these hardships. The goal is to create a safe haven for you, so you’re comfortable working through the hard areas. You’ll start to feel a sense of control over the thoughts and emotions that have been weighing you down. 

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The first steps are usually the hardest, but you’ve got this! Reach out to start moving forward.

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Let's begin your journey. Depending on your preference, I can meet in-person or virtually.  I provide my services through a HIPAA-secured telehealth platform, allowing you to receive the care you need no matter your circumstances. Overcome, explore, and change – all from the comfort of your home.